Table 1.

Risk matrix

IntendedEffect of the behaviour is deliberate and volitionalPatient jumps in front of a subway train intending to be killedMaterial harm to others is deliberate and volitionalPatient stabs family doctor owing to delusional belief that the doctor implanted a monitoring device in the patient’s body
UnintendedEffect of patient behaviour on himself or herself is neither foreseen nor desiredDelusional patient stops drinking fluids owing to belief that she is being poisonedMaterial harm to others from the patient’s behaviour is neither foreseen nor desiredAn intoxicated parent fails to notice his toddler enter the backyard swimming pool
IatrogenicAdverse consequences of medical intervention are neither foreseen nor desiredAn elderly patient prescribed a benzodiazepine falls on her way to the bathroom during the night, suffering a subdural hematomaAdverse consequences of medical intervention are neither foreseen nor desiredPatient who started taking quetiapine strikes a pedestrian while driving the next morning