Table 1.

Characteristics of included systematic reviews

Whiting et al, 20152PainChronic pain282454Yes6
SpasticitySpasticity (due to MS or paraplegia)142280Yes
Nausea and vomitingChemotherapy281772Yes
Adverse eventsAny62NRYes
Martin-Sanchez et al, 200914PainChronic pain18809Yes5
Adverse eventsChronic pain6540Yes
Andreae et al, 201515PainNeuropathic pain5178Yes6
Petzke et al, 201616PainNeuropathic pain151619Yes5
Adverse eventsNeuropathic pain111574Yes
Lobos Urbina and Peña Duran, 201617PainCancer pain6NRYes1
Adverse eventsCancerNRNRYes
Iskedjian et al, 200718PainMS pain7298Yes6
Adverse eventsMS7298Yes
Mücke et al, 201619PainPalliative care pain2537Yes6
Nausea and vomitingPalliative care nausea and vomiting5635Yes
Adverse eventsPalliative care61031Yes
Fitzcharles et al, 201620PainRheumatologic4160No5
Fitzcharles et al, 201621PainRheumatologic4203No4
Walitt et al, 201622PainFibromyalgia272No5
Stevens and Higgins, 201723PainAcute pain7611No5
Tateo, 201724PainCancer pain8683No3
Smith et al, 201525Nausea and vomitingChemotherapy231326Yes6
Adverse eventsChemotherapy111055Yes
Machado Rocha et al, 200826Nausea and vomitingChemotherapy301719Yes5
Tramèr et al, 200127Nausea and vomitingChemotherapy301760Yes2
Adverse eventsChemotherapy191111Yes
Wade et al, 201028SpasticityMS spasticity3666Yes2
Adverse eventsMS3666Yes
Meza et al, 201729PainMS pain3327No1
SpasticityMS spasticity41247No
Adverse eventsMS41025No
Wang et al, 200830Adverse eventsAny232068Yes5
Koppel et al, 201431SpasticityMS spasticity17NRNo4
Adverse eventsMS242737Yes
Boychuk et al, 201532PainNeuropathic pain13771No4
CADTH, 201033PainChronic noncancer pain3265No1
CADTH, 201034PainNeuropathic pain7444No0
CADTH, 201135PainNabilone for chronic pain244No2
Campbell et al, 200136PainVarious9222No5
Cotter, 200937Nausea and vomitingChemotherapy9885No3
Deshpande et al, 201538PainChronic noncancer pain6226No5
Jensen et al, 201539PainVarious221227No1
Lakhan and Rowland, 200940SpasticityMS spasticity6481No5
Lynch and Campbell, 201141PainChronic noncancer pain18766No4
Lynch and Ware, 201542PainChronic noncancer pain111185No4
Tsang and Giudice, 201643PainNabilone for pain7251No2
  • CADTH—Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, MS—multiple sclerosis, NR—not reported, RCT—randomized controlled trial.

  • * Possible scores range from 0 to 6, with higher scores representing lower risk of bias.