Table 1

Covariates and their categories as defined in the models

SexFemale, male
LanguageEnglish, French
Marital statusMarried or living with partner, single, separated or divorced, widowed
Environment before universityExclusively or predominantly rural, exclusively or predominantly small town, exclusively or predominantly urban, mixture of environments
Born in CanadaYes, no
Father’s education (degree or diploma)No diploma, no university diploma, undergraduate diploma, graduate diploma
Mother’s education (degree or diploma)No diploma, no university diploma, undergraduate diploma, graduate diploma
Are any of your immediate family members working in medically related jobs?
  • FatherMD, other, NR or NA
  • MotherMD, other, NR or NA
  • SiblingsMD, other, NR or NA
Last academic degree before MD programNo university diploma, college, bachelor, master, PhD, other diploma
Province of medical schoolOntario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland
Timing of decision to become a doctorBefore high school, during high school, during undergraduate studies, after undergraduate studies, during or after graduate studies, other
Of all of the possible careers, what led you to select medicine?
  • MentorYes, no
  • FamilyYes, no
  • Intellectual stimulation or challengeYes, no
  • Earning potentialYes, no
  • Doctor-patient relationshipYes, no
  • Research opportunitiesYes, no
  • Teaching opportunitiesYes, no
  • PrestigeYes, no
To what extent do you agree that your medical training program has prepared you to select a residency training program?Strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree
At this time, in which of the following do you hope to be involved?
  • Patient careYes, no, unsure
  • ResearchYes, no, unsure
  • AdministrationYes, no, unsure
  • Public healthYes, no, unsure
What factors do you think will be most important in having a satisfying and successful medical practice?
  • Flexible work hoursYes, no
  • Availability of continuing education resourcesYes, no
  • Opportunities for researchYes, no
  • Opportunities for teachingYes, no
  • Balance between practice and personal lifeYes, no
  • Sufficient medical competenceYes, no
  • Ability to achieve desired incomeYes, no
How would you prefer to be paid for your services as a physician?Blended, capitation, salary, service contract, seasonal or hourly, fee-for-services only, unsure
Expected debt upon completion of medical school (directly related to being in medical school)No debt, < $20 000, $20 000–$80 000, > $80 000, not provided
To pay off the debt directly related to being in medical school, do you intend to do any of the following?
  • Select a short residency programYes, no
  • Select a specialty you believe will have high earning potentialYes, no
Stress of financial situationExtremely stressful, very stressful, fairly stressful, minimally stressful, not stressful
  • NA—not applicable, NR—no response.