Table 1

Patient reports of zopiclone abuse or addiction

Sutherland,24 1991Male297.5None reportedNarcoticRelapsed with a narcotic addiction
Aranko et al,25 1991Male3630 to 90Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorderAlcohol, benzodiazepinesHad withdrawal seizures
Thakore and Dinan,26 1992Male3637.5 to 45Affective disorderAlcohol, benzodiazepines
Sullivan et al,27 1995Male1715 to 30None reportedMultidrugBetter than temazepam when used with alcohol
Sullivan et al,27 1995Male167.5 to 37.5Behavioural problemsAlcohol
Sullivan et al,27 1995Male18Intravenous useNone reportedMultidrug
Jones and Sullivan,28 1998Male2922.5None reportedNone reportedMultiple withdrawal symptoms
Jones and Sullivan,28 1998Male2630None reportedNone reportedMultiple withdrawal symptoms
Jones and Sullivan,28 1998Female4922.5None reportedNone reportedRebound anxiety and insomnia
Jones and Sullivan,28 1998Female3630Bipolar disorderBenzodiazepinesMultiple withdrawal symptoms
Sikdar,29 1998Male and female (6 patients)Various45 to 390None reportedNone reportedMultiple withdrawal symptoms, tolerance; 2 patients forged prescriptions
Ayonrinde and Sampson,30 1998Female6022.5SchizophreniaAlcohol, benzodiazepinesMultiple withdrawal symptoms
Ayonrinde and Sampson,30 1998Male4030DepressionNone reportedMultiple withdrawal symptoms
Ayonrinde and Sampson,30 1998Female7115DepressionNone reportedMultiple withdrawal symptoms
Flynn and Cox,31 2006Female7667.5DepressionNone reportedHad withdrawal seizures