Table 3

Points to consider when prescribing hypnosedative drugs

  1. Have nonpharmacologic approaches or therapies been considered?

  2. Is a pharmacologic agent required?

  3. Is the target short-term therapy? Is the target long-term therapy?

  4. Are there medical or drug interaction contraindications?

  5. Is the most cost-effective and safe treatment being considered (ie, dose, type of medication, compliance, and age considerations)?

  6. Is insomnia part of an underlying illness that will require some other treatment (eg, depression)?

  7. Is the patient at risk for withdrawal symptoms? If so, what strategy is there to avoid them?

  8. Does the patient have an addictive personality, or is the patient seeking drugs?

  9. Is there a mechanism to assure appropriate use or to have appropriate follow-up?

  • Adapted from Hajak and Rodenbeck.54