Table 1

Health outcomes, behaviours, and utilization: Variables and classification criteria.

Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseaseDiagnosed by a physician
Other chronic health conditionsDiagnosed by a physician; that have lasted or were expected to last 6 mo or more
InjurySelf-reported injury in last 12 mo
Self-perceived general healthGood, very good, or excellent
EducationReceived some post-secondary education
SmokerSmoking cigarettes daily or occasionally
ObeseBody mass index (self-reported weight in kg divided by the square of self-reported height in m) of 30 or greater
Heavy alcohol consumptionSelf-reported consumption of 5 or more drinks on a single occasion, 2 or more times per wk
Fruit and vegetable consumptionConsuming at or above the daily recommended amount
Physically inactiveRespondents’ leisure time physical activity in the past 3 mo expended less than 1.5 kcal/kg daily
Life stress (among those 18 y or older)Quite a bit or extreme stress level
Sense of belonging to their communitySomewhat or very strong
Low social supportBelow 50th percentile on the positive social interactions subscale
Low emotional supportBelow 50th percentile on the emotional or information support subscale
DepressionSelf-reported lack of interest in most things and reported4 or more of the following symptoms: appetite or sleep disturbance, decreased energy, difficulty concentrating, feelings of worthlessness, suicidal thoughts
Disability or health problem as a barrier to action to improve health (among respondents reporting a barrier)Had not done anything in past 12 mo to improve health, owing to a barrier; cited disability or health problem as the barrier
Hysterectomy (among women 25–65 y)Had hysterectomy
Papanicolaou test (among women sexually active in last 12 mo)Had test in the past 3 y
Mammogram (among women 50 y or older)Had mammogram in the past 2 y
Prostate-specific antigen test for prostate cancer (among men 50 y or older)Had test in the past 2 y
Flu shot (among Ontario residents)Ever had a flu shot
Primary care accessReported at least 1 family doctor or general practitioner visit in the past 12 mo
Unmet health care need (among those 18 y or older)Affirmative response to question asking whether in the last 12 mo they felt they needed health care but did not receive it