Table 2

Predictors of parents’ accuracy in identifying children’s weight classification*

Children’s sex<.05
  • Girls1571.731.02–2.85
  • Boys1981.00reference
Children’s race or ethnicity<.05
  • White3012.091.02–2.69
  • Non-white541.00reference
Mothers’ weight status<.05
  • Normal weight (BMI < 25)2001.600.95–2.69
  • Overweight or obese (BMI ≥ 25)891.00
  • BMI—body mass index.

  • * Logistic regression model using backward stepwise method (Wald test). Dependent variable: accuracy of parents’ ability to classify children’s weight categories. Independent variables: children’s sex, age, and race; mother’s and father’s education levels; family income, mother’s weight status, and respondent’s relationship to the child (ie, mother, father, or other).

  • Confidence intervals are based on the Wald test.