Table 3 Indirect costs

Depreciated values for all assets and training were used in our cost calculations using a straight-line method for a period of 45 weeks out of the estimated value of the life of the asset. The program had at least 1 patient for at least 1 day during 45 weeks.

ComputerHBIC budgetFor administrator’s use
Office furniture and suppliesHBIC budgetTwo desks, a printer table, a cabinet, painting the office, pager, cell phone, and supplies
Nurse practitoner in-serviceHBIC budgetProfessional training (travel, registration, and incidentals) for an extensive introduction to hand-held blood analyzer technology (and perhaps 1 other conference)
Medical education (weekly luncheons)HBIC budgetLunches were provided to residents on the Family Medicine Floor to promote and inform them about HBIC
Physical plantApproximationNo rent was charged to HBIC. If HBIC is implemented, rent for office and administration space might be charged. Our approximation ($6000/y) is based on the office rental cost for a similar program
Administration, financial services, human resourcesHBIC budgetMedian of the salary range for a program administrator responsible for administration, the HBIC budget, and human resources
Physician DirectorApproximationNo physician was compensated in our program. If HBIC is implemented, a stipend for such a position might be required. Our approximation ($5200/y) is based on the annual stipend for a medical director in a comparable program in Australia
Nurse practitioner administrationTime logsTime spent training new NPs, administration, materiel management (ordering medical supplies), communication with other NPs, and vacation time
EquipmentHBIC budgetDigital thermometer, opthalmoscope, diagnostics set, scale
Hand-held blood analyzer (i- STAT), cartridgesi-STAT
Medical suppliesHBIC budgetClinical bag (carried by NPs) and the band-aids, gauze, and other supplies in it