Table 4

Family physicians’ views on collaboration with psychologists

Do evidence-based psychotherapies exist? (yes)11095
Psychological intervention will help with110
 • Mental and emotional problems100
 • Personal problems98
 • Physical problems (eg, chronic pain, fatigue, and disease)78
Reasons to refer to a psychologist117
 • Belief that psychotherapy is appropriate84
 • Patient’s request62
 • Acquaintance with psychologists in the community49
 • Lack of time to counsel patients oneself45
 • To gain support for diagnosis and management44
 • Lack of interest in practising psychotherapy19
Reasons not to refer to a psychologist110
 • Patient’s economic constraints95
 • Lack of feedback from psychologists in the past22
 • Lack of psychologists in the neighbourhood21
 • Can offer an equivalent service9
 • Negative experiences with psychologists in the past4
 • It will not help or I do not refer patients3
 • Other*11
Integration of psychologists into primary care would118
 • Improve the quality of services offered to patients76
 • Be a complementary addition59
 • Be an effective collaboration56
 • Be an essential addition to care52
 • Allow for a useful exchange of knowledge between professionals49
 • Increase patients’ satisfaction with care47
 • Not be useful1
  • * Lack of knowledge of psychologists in area (3), difficulties with access or long wait times (5), perception that psychologists are prejudiced in favour of insurance companies (1), lack of follow-up from psychologists (1), and psychiatrist available on site (1).