Table 1 Physicians’ responses on the Family Physician Stress Inventory

Physicians rated their agreement with the 20 statements on a scale of 1–5, where 1—strongly agree, 2—somewhat agree, 3—neutral, 4—somewhat disagree, and 5—strongly disagree.

1. My sense of professional obligation is too strong for my own good10.748.323.013.14.9
2. I have learned to effectively say no to the many demands of my work12.343.513.927.03.3
3. I find that I can balance family and personal life with my career well17.243.415.619.74.1
4. I find keeping up with new medical information overwhelming25.436.120.513.14.9
5. The amount of paperwork to do is far too much63.924.
6. Some of my difficult patients can ruin my whole day35.
7. I find patients with complex medical problems an interesting challenge9.844.321.318.95.7
8. My current practice workload is under control18.038.518.921.33.3
9. I use effective time management in my practice14.836.824.623.80.0
10. Recent changes in the roles of family physicians have been good for me9.021.340.213.915.6
11. I find the business aspect of practice stressful18.034.522.118.07.4
12. Long waits for accessing specialists, diagnostic tests, and community resources bother me a lot55.
13. Current rules and regulations set by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Ontario Drug Benefit Program are reasonable0.816.720.837.524.2
14. I find that medicolegal issues and required documentation adversely affect the way I practice27.540.816.711.73.3
15. I feel well supported by our local specialists3.327.517.539.212.5
16. Fellow family physician colleagues are a great support to me20.838.427.510.03.3
17. The shortage of family physicians makes it more difficult for me to enjoy my practice18.335.920.820.84.2
18. I think that family medicine is the most undervalued discipline in medicine54.131.710.02.51.7
19. I suffer from a high level of professional stress12.530.
20. I have a high level of job satisfaction15.848.423.37.55.0