Table 1.

Advantages and disadvantages of telephone versus video consultations for outpatients with IBD

Telephone consultation
  • Useful in areas with limited access to technology

  • Greater privacy, feasibility, and ease of use

  • Allows patients greater flexibility around where and when the visit can be conducted

  • Often earlier call termination and shorter time of assessment

  • Difficult to involve interpreter or caregiver

  • Unable to read nonverbal cues

Video consultation
  • Patients are often more satisfied with visual feedback

  • Providers appreciate visual cues to communicate patient’s understanding, quality of life, and pain

  • Easier to engage family members and caregivers

  • Useful in cases that require visual assessment (eg, extraintestinal manifestations of IBD)

  • Not practical in very remote communities or for patients with technological constraints

  • IBD—inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Data from Barsom et al.4