Table 1.

Summary of provincial drug coverage benefits by eligibility group: Funding criteria vary among provinces.

SeniorsBegins at age 65 in all provinces
No consistency across provinces as to whether coverage plans involve a premium, a deductible, user copayment, and a maximum beneficiary contribution
Working non-seniorsCatastrophic drug coverage (ie, a cap on the financial burden a family incurs for requisite prescription drugs) in all provinces except Alberta and the Maritimes
Eligibility requirements vary among provinces
Cost-sharing strategy for each province calculated according to number of family members in a household
Monthly or annual maximum contribution from beneficiaries in some provinces
Beneficiaries can combine provincial drug coverage with work benefits in cases in which work benefits do not cover 100% of costs
Non-senior social assistance recipients*All provinces provide drug coverage to social assistance and provincial disability benefit programs
Variations exist among provinces regarding copayments
  • * Unemployed or low-income individuals.