Table 2

Respondents’ CLAS subscale* and subscale item scores: N = 258.

Empowerment subscale4.63 (0.71)
1. People with ID should not be allowed to marry and have children5.22 (1.14)
2. A person would be foolish to marry a person with ID5.20 (1.07)
3. People with ID can plan meetings and conferences without assistance from others4.19 (1.05)
4. People with ID can be trusted to handle money responsibly4.29 (1.03)
5. The opinion of a person with ID should carry more weight than those of family members and professionals in decisions affecting that person4.25 (1.02)
Exclusion subscale1.78 (0.78)
7. Increased spending on programs for people with ID is a waste of tax dollars1.93 (0.96)
8. Homes and services for people with ID downgrade the neighbourhoods they are in1.74 (0.96)
9. People with ID are a burden to society1.86 (1.08)
10. Homes and services for people with ID should be kept out of residential neighbourhoods1.57 (0.90)
Sheltering subscale3.14 (0.67)
6. Sheltered workshops for people with ID are essential4.24 (0.91)
11. People with ID need someone to plan their activities for them2.86 (1.07)
16. People with ID should live in sheltered facilities because of the danger of life in the community2.22 (1.02)
17. People with ID usually should be in group homes or other facilities where they can have the help and support of staff3.24 (1.19)
Similarity subscale5.33 (0.67)
12. People with ID do not need to make choices about the things they will do each day5.10 (0.92)
13. People with ID can be productive members of society5.31 (0.77)
14. People with ID have goals for their lives like other people5.38 (0.79)
15. People with ID can have close personal relationships just like everyone else5.51 (0.75)
  • CLAS—Community Living Attitudes Scale—Short Form, ID—intellectual disabilities, SD—standard deviation.

  • * Subscales were scored by taking the mean of the responses to the subscale items, resulting in a range of scores from 1 to 6.

  • Items were reverse-scored to reflect their scale loadings. Items were scored from 1 (strongly agree) to 6 (strongly disagree).