Table 3

Survey respondents’ knowledge about LD

Knew EM appears on 80% of patients with LD24.428.2
Knew EM is diagnostic for LD26.128.3
Correctly identified Borrelia burgdorferi as the causative agent98.299.0
Knew the incubation period is 3–30 d64.856.5
Recognized signs and symptoms related to LD
  • Arthritis98.499.3
  • Fever96.897.3
  • Radiculoneuropathy81.784.0
  • Meningitis78.681.8
  • Third-degree heart block63.173.4
Recognized signs and symptoms not related to LD
  • Goitre95.696.2
  • Valvular heart disease75.380.4
  • Diarrhea67.074.8
Overall knowledge score7.575.0
Knew of possible co-infection with anaplasmosis (formerly human granulocytic ehrlichiosis)10.115.2
Knew LD is reportable to public health authorities in BC58.565.8
Knew testing for LD should take place on initial presentation with follow-up in 2 wk50.057.3
Knew patients with EM and negative test results do not need retesting (as EM is diagnostic)6.88.9
  • BC—British Columbia, EM—erythema migrans, LD—Lyme disease.