Table 1

Criteria and relative weights for the MAI

1. Is there an indication for the drug?33.0
2. Is the medication effective for the condition?31.7
3. Is the dosage correct?22.0
4. Are the directions correct?20.7
5. Are the directions practical?10.3
6. Are there clinically significant drug-drug interactions?20.7
7. Are there clinically significant drug-disease interactions?20.4
8. Is there unnecessary duplication with other drugs?10.9
9. Is the duration of therapy acceptable?14.7
10. Is this drug the least expensive alternative compared with others of equal utility?146.5
  • MAI—medication appropriateness index.

  • * Relative weight applied to inappropriate ratings in the calculation of the total MAI score. The maximum potential MAI score is 18; however, the cost component was not considered in this study, so the highest potential score was 17.

  • Proportion of medications coded as unknown at baseline.