Table 5

Characteristics of referred patients reviewed by the SCCP since completion of the pilot phase: N = 67 (25 men and 42 women).

Mean (SD) age, y81 (7.8)
Reason for referral, %
  • Multimorbidity41
  • Functional decline25
  • Falling25
  • Cognition concerns51
Mean (SD) wait time, d32 (22)
Mean (SD) MoCA14 cognitive screening score (score < 26 risk of cognitive impairment)20 (4)
Mean (SD) GDS15 depression screening score (score > 5 risk of depression)4 (3)
Mean (SD) SCREEN16 nutrition screening score (score < 54 suggestive of eating or nutritional problem)49 (6)
Mean (SD) medication17 screening score (score > 3 suggestive of risk of medication complications)3.8 (1.9)
  • GDS—Geriatric Depression Screening, MoCA—Montreal Cognitive Assessment, SCCP—Seniors Collaborative Care Program, SCREEN—Seniors in the Community: Risk Evaluation for Eating and Nutrition.