Table 1

The CanMEDS–Family Medicine roles, as defined by the College of Family Physicians of Canada

Family medicine expertFamily physicians are skilled clinicians who provide comprehensive, continuing care to patients and their families within a relationship of trust. Family physicians apply and integrate medical knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitudes in their provision of care. Their expertise includes knowledge of their patients and families in the context of their communities, and their ability to use the patient-centred clinical method effectively. As Family Medicine Experts they integrate all the CanMEDS-Family Medicine ... roles into their daily work
Communicator[F]amily physicians facilitate the doctor-patient relationship and the dynamic exchanges that occur before, during, and after the medical encounter
Collaborator[F]amily physicians work with patients, families, healthcare teams, other health professionals, and communities to achieve optimal patient care
Manager[F]amily physicians are central to the primary health care team and integral participants in healthcare organizations. They use resources wisely and organize practices which are a resource to their patient population to sustain and improve health, coordinating care within the other members of the health care system
Scholar[F]amily physicians demonstrate a lifelong commitment to reflective learning, as well as the creation, dissemination, application and translation of knowledge
Health advocate[F]amily physicians responsibly use their expertise and influence to advance the health and well being of individual patients, communities, and populations
Professional[F]amily physicians are committed to the health and well being of individuals and society through ethical practice, profession-led regulation, and high personal standards of behaviour