Table 2

Emerging evidence supporting HBPC

Beck et al, 200926Observational468/0Marion County, Indianapolis7 yDecreased 15%Decreased 8%Not measured
Chang et al, 200828Retrospective review183/0Washington VA Medical Center2 yNo significant differenceDecreased 44%Not measured
Cooper et al, 200729Retrospective review20 783/0All veterans in the US HBPC program1 yNot measuredDecreased 27%Not measured
De Jonge and Taler, 200213Observational480/0Washington Hospital Center3 yNot measuredDecreased 30%Decreased 10%
Hughes et al, 200027Multisite randomized controlled trial981/98516 US VA medical centres4 yNot measuredNo significant difference (but decreased 22% in severely disabled)Not measured
North et al, 200815Observational104/0Denver VA Medical Center1 yDecreased 48%Decreased 84%Not measured
Rosenberg, 201230Observational248/0Victoria, BC1 yDecreased 20%Decreased 40%Not measured
Wajnberg et al, 20102Retrospective review179/0Bronx, NY22 moNot measuredDecreased 23%Decreased 20%
  • ED—emergency department, HBPC—home-based primary care, LTC—long-term care, VA—Veterans Affairs.