Table 5.

Comparing level and quality of best evidence for lipid markers in making treatment decisions

Metabolic syndrome1CStrong recommendation Low-quality evidenceMeta-analysis of prospective cohort studies16
TC/HDL ratio1BStrong recommendation Moderate-quality evidence1 RCT56
Meta-analysis of prospective observational studies; post hoc data analysis57
Non-HDL cholesterol1BStrong recommendation Moderate-quality evidenceMeta-analysis of RCT lipid-lowering drug studies; post hoc data analysis58
Meta-analysis of RCT statin trials53
Apo B1BStrong recommendation Moderate-quality evidence2 RCTs,56,59 1 RCT with subgroup analysis,60 1 RCT with post hoc analysis61
Meta-analysis of observational studies62
  • Apo B—apolipoprotein B, HDL—high-density lipoprotein, RCT—randomized controlled trial, TC—total cholesterol.

  • * GRADE system for rating quality of evidence and strength of recommendations.63