Table 3.

Patients reached in baseline and follow-up medical record surveys

No. of practices6 practices reviewed records; data from 5 are included*5 practices reviewed records
No. of records reviewed15651309
No. of smokers332288
Smoking prevalence, %2122
Male sex, %4650
Adult patients, %72 (20–64 y)66 (19–60 y)
  • CDM—chronic disease management, HC—health coordinator.

  • * Data from clinic site B have been omitted because its HC, originally assigned from the health region, was reassigned elsewhere and this practice had no other staff available to continue the pilot. Its baseline survey results were close to the mean for number of records and patient age, sex, and CDM status. However, site B had the largest proportion of patients with unknown smoking status (mean 70% vs 27% for other 5 practices).

  • The smaller number of records reviewed at follow-up reflects the increased demands on HCs’ time from patient workload, which did not exist at baseline.

  • A minor change in the age groupings occurred at follow-up when a pull-down system was used to aid data entry.