Table 1.

Ontario population, number of ED visits, percentage from each deprivation quintile (Q1 is the least deprived, Q5 is the most deprived), and number of low-acuity (CTAS IV and CTAS V) ED visits

Ontario population as of July 1, 2008*12 934 499
No. of ED visits5 337 956
No. of ED visits per 1000 population413
ED visits from female patients, %51.8
ED visits from each deprivation quintile, %
  • Q113.3
  • Q217.8
  • Q318.0
  • Q418.8
  • Q525.4
  • No. of ED visits2 074 586
  • Proportion of total ED visits38.9
  • No. of ED visits450 068
  • Proportion of total ED visits8.4
  • CTAS—Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale, ED—emergency department.

  • * Ontario population from Statistics Canada.22

  • Total is not 100% owing to omission of postal code data in 6.7% of patient records.