Table 1.

Hospitalist teaching tool and the associated CanMEDS–Family Medicine roles: Questions are designed to direct resident learning around a patient encounter.

What are the criteria for admitting this patient, as opposed to managing him or her as an outpatient? Why would this patient come to the hospitalist service (compared with a subspecialist or a transition bed)?Collaborator, communicator, family medicine expert, manager, professional
What is your differential diagnosis? How will you communicate this to the patient?
Include at least 3 most likely, as well as at least 1 sinister, hypotheses.
Communicator, family medicine expert, scholar
What investigations will you order? What ongoing follow-up should be done during the admission?Collaborator, family medicine expert, manager, scholar
What will be the management principles for the most likely condition? Include both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic management. What contraindications could exist for these choices?Family medicine expert, health advocate, manager, scholar
What complications could arise during this patient’s stay? How could you attempt to prevent these?Family medicine expert, health advocate, manager, scholar
What other resources can you enlist to assist you in the management of this patient?Collaborator, health advocate, manager
How will you know that this patient is ready for discharge (ie, what parameters will be your guide), and what needs to be in place at his or her residence? How will you enable a safe transition into the community?Collaborator, communicator, family medicine expert, health advocate, manager, professional