Table 1.

List of COE program coordinators or directors and locations in Canada

Dr Conrad RusnakUniversity of British Columbia
Dr Lesley CharlesUniversity of Alberta
Dr Vivian EwaUniversity of Calgary
Dr Nene RushUniversity of Manitoba
Dr Scott McKayUniversity of Western Ontario
Dr Andrea MoserNorthern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr Anna EmiliMcMaster University
Dr Sidney FeldmanUniversity of Toronto
Dr Michelle GibsonQueen’s University
Dr Véronique French MerkleyUniversity of Ottawa
Dr Miriam AbdelnourMcGill University
Dr Marie-Josée HotteUniversity of Sherbrooke
Dr Nathalie ChampouxUniversity of Montreal
Dr Pascale BernardLaval University
Dr Barry ClarkeDalhousie University
  • COE—care of the elderly.

  • Data from the College of Family Physicians of Canada.10