Table 4

Participant comments about the rooming-in program: 14 of the 21 rooming-in participants completed the survey.

Is there anything you wish you had known before you tried rooming-in?3/14“No, I felt I was explained [sic] everything very well”
“I wish I had more clearly understood that although the baby is the patient there must always be a person (parent/family member) present”
“That I could be discharged before the baby to bring clothing and prepare to make food arrangements”
If you had to room-in again, what other supports would you like to have?6/14“More info to read while in hospital like breast feeding books”
“Financial supports for food, parking etc”
“I wish nurses would’ve left us alone more—I didn’t like that they all scored different and I’m not sure that my baby really needed morphine”
“More food supports”
“Food, parking cost”
“Nurses to have better understanding of addiction and methadone”
Is there anything else you would like us to know?4/14“How very much we appreciated the help and expertise of the staff. We were understandably concerned about the health of the baby, on morphine, but felt that we could ask any question and would receive the best information possible. Many thanks”
“It was stressful waiting to see how methadone effected [sic] my son. I was fortunate that he recovered quickly [with] minimal symptoms. It was frustrating being in the hospital at the time. However it only took a couple weeks after being home that I realized how precious that time was. What a great five days to focus solely on bonding with my new son. In reality it’s truly unfortunate all mothers don’t get more one on one time with their newborn before returning to crazy family life. Thank you”
“My husband and I had a great experience and felt very supported. We also felt that staff sent us home with the knowledge of what to look for with our baby and so we felt very confident when we left the hospital. Our baby has been very healthy and we are happy! Thank you!”
“I really encourage mothers to do the rooming in it’s a amazing experience [sic]. I’ve done it both ways. Our 2 yr [sic] old had to stay in the NICU and it was very hard especially not being able to hold your baby when you want to and he was put on morphine. Baby J is 9 months. Did rooming in. No morphine needed and we were home in 6 days and me and J have a amazing bond. Thank you for giving us the opportunity for rooming in. I hope all hospitals will try this program”
  • NICU—neonatal intensive care unit.