Table 3.

Health promotion for breast cancer survivors

Weight management• Counsel patients to achieve and maintain a healthy weightIII
• Counsel patients who are overweight or obese to change dietary habits and increase physical activity to promote and maintain weight lossI
Physical activity• Counsel patients to avoid inactivity and return to daily activities as soon as possible after diagnosisII
• Aim for at least 150 min of moderate or 75 min of vigorous physical activity weeklyI
• Include strength training exercises at least 2 d/wkI
Nutrition• Counsel patients to have a dietary pattern high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes; low in saturated fats; and limited in processed and red meatsI
• Limit alcohol to 1 unit/dIII
• Consider supplements only if deficiencies are demonstratedIII
Smoking cessation• Counsel patients to avoid smoking; offer or refer for cessation counseling and resourcesI
  • * Level I evidence includes at least 1 properly conducted randomized controlled trial, systematic review, or meta-analysis. Level II evidence includes other comparison trials; non-randomized, cohort, case-control, or epidemiologic studies; and preferably more than 1 study. Level III evidence includes expert opinion or consensus statements and influential reports or studies.

  • Data from Runowicz et al.15