Table 2.

The DAPT score calculator*: With a score of less than 2, the risk of bleeding (NNH = 64) outweighs the risk of ischemic events (NNT=153); therefore, use DAPT for 12 mo then stop. With a score of 2 or more, the risk of ischemic events (NNT = 34) outweighs the risk of bleeding (NNH = 272); therefore, extending DAPT beyond 12 mo can be considered.

Patient characteristics
Age, y
  • ≥ 75−2
  • 65–74−1
  • < 650
Diabetes mellitus1
Cigarette smoker within past 2 y1
Prior PCI or prior MI1
History of heart failure or left ventricular ejection fraction < 30%2
Index procedure characteristics
MI at presentation1
Vein graft PCI (stenting of vein of graft)2
Stent diameter < 3 mm1
Paclitaxel stent1
  • DAPT—dual antiplatelet therapy, MI—myocardial infarction, NNH—number needed to harm, NNT—number needed to treat, PCI—percutaneous coronary intervention.

  • * The DAPT score calculator is available online at and should only be used in individuals who received a drug-eluting stent. Data from Yeh et al.23