Table 1.

Patient characteristics: N = 265.

Mean (SD) age, y77.4 (8.8)
Female sex, %57
Mean (SD) age-adjusted Charlson comorbidity index score4.8 (1.7)
Mean (SD) total no. of medications5.7 (4.4)
Mean (SD) no. of Beers criteria medications*0.4 (0.7)
Mean (SD) Anticholinergic Risk Scale score0.4 (1.0)
Mean (SD) frequency of visits to family physician in 1 y5.7 (6.2)
  • * The most common medications were benzodiazepines (lorazepam, diazepam), tertiary tricyclic antidepressants (amitriptyline), and non-selective cyclooxygenase inhibitor nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (naproxen).

  • The most common medications were ranitidine, amitriptyline, and loperamide.