Table 1.

Tools assessed for evaluating quality of life in patients with diabetes

Short Form-36Generic10–15 minPF, S, GJ, P, SWB, RA
Short Form-12Generic2–5 minPF, S, GJ, P, SWB, RA
EuroQol EQ-5DGeneric1–3 minPF, S, GJ, P, SWB, RA
Sickness Impact ProfileGeneric20–25 minPF, S, P, SWB, CF, RA
Audit of Diabetes-Dependent Quality of LifeDiabetes-specific5–10 minPF, P, SWB, RA, PC
Diabetes Quality of LifeDiabetes-specific15–20 minS, P, SWB, RA, TS
Appraisal of Diabetes ScaleDiabetes-specific3–5 minP, SWB, RA, PC
Diabetes Health ProfileDiabetes-specific5–10 minP, SWB, RA
  • CF—cognitive function, GJ—global judgment, P—psychological well-being, PC—personal constructs, PF—physical function, RA—role activities, S—symptoms, SWB—social well-being, TS—treatment satisfaction.