Table 1.

Resources to assist family physicians in educating patients about radon

Brief information about radon for patients
  • What is radon? (Health Canada)Downloadable
  • Radon: increased risk for smokers (Health Canada)Pamphlet for
  • How to mitigate your house (BC Lung Association)Downloadable
  • Radon reduction guide (Health Canada)Downloadable
Videos you can use to teach your patients
  • What radon is and how to test your house (BC Lung Association)
  • What is a radon reduction system? (Ontario Lung Association)
Patient self-education
  • Radon presentation: what you need to know about radon (McMaster University)Online presentation
How to test for radon
  • Ordering a radon test kit (BC Lung Association)
What to do if radon levels are high
  • Reducing radon in your home (McMaster University)Video
  • Ordering a mitigation book guide (BC Lung Association)
  • Finding a mitigation professional (Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program)Website
  • Finding a mitigation professional (Health Canada)
  • Mapping the geologic radon potential in Canada (Radon Environmental Management Corporation)Online
Further information for patients
  • Written radon summary (World Health Organization)Website fact
  • Radon summary and further resources (Health Canada)Downloadable fact sheetEnglish:
  • Radon: have you tested your home? (BC Lung Association)Downloadable
Specific answers for patients’ questions
  • Health
  • Radon Aware (BC Lung Association)Online fact
Information for physicians
  • Radon: information for health professionals (Health Canada)
  • Report of cross-Canada survey of radon concentration (Health Canada)WebsiteEnglish:
  • Ionizing radiation: quantities and units (Government of Canada, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Radiation dose information (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Government of Canada)Website