Table 1.

Sample statements for use by providers during vaccination-related conversations

Start the conversation on vaccination using a presumptive approach31,32“Today we are going to give your child the recommended vaccines to keep the child healthy”
“Your child needs 3 vaccines today” (instead of “What do you want to do about the shots?”)
If parents are still unsure, continue the conversation on vaccination, address concerns, and make a strong recommendation32“I strongly recommend your child receive these vaccines today”
“These shots are very important for protecting your child from serious diseases”
Describe benefits of vaccines33“Vaccines work. Serious diseases can occur if your child is not immunized”
Describe side effects25,31“There is a risk with vaccines just as with everything we do in life, like driving a car or riding a bike”
“The risk of anaphylaxis after vaccination is approximately 1 in a million, the same as the yearly risk of being struck by lightning”