Table 3.

Selected resources on vaccination for health care providers and parents

For health care providers
  • Public Health Agency of Canada, 2018cCanadian Immunization
  • NACI, 2018NACI recommendations, statements, and
  • Canadian Paediatric Society, 2017Canada’s eight-component vaccine safety system: a primer for healthcare
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association, 2017Duties and responsibilities. Expectations of physicians in practice. How to address vaccine hesitancy and refusal by patients or their legal
  • Immunization Action Coalition, 2018Unprotected People
For parents
  • Public Health Agency of Canada, 2018A Parent’s Guide to
  • Immunize Canada, 2017CANImmunize
  • Canadian Paediatric Society, 2016Choosing not to vaccinate your child?
Know your risks and responsibilities47
  • Canadian Paediatric Society, 2015Your Child’s Best Shot. A Parent’s Guide to Vaccination. 4th
  • NACI—National Advisory Committee on Immunization.

  • * Links last accessed on January 24, 2019.