Table 2.

Strength of association and P value for each analyzed factor

Degree of exposure to different areas of practice0.330.002
Perception of overall atmosphere0.336< .001
Presence of a role model0.390< .001
Interest in returning to rotation site to practise0.390< .001
Perception of physician interest in their work0.230.014
Rural rotation0.227.044
Positive interactions with physicians0.209.035
Perception of rotation’s level of difficulty0.231.025
Level of satisfaction with final assessment0.253.008
Degree of contact with residents0.161.197
Degree of exposure to continuity of care0.138.341
Perception of initial rotation orientation0.115.532
Participation in informal activities with the medical team (eg, social or volunteer activities)0.103.534
  • SA—strength of association.

  • * SA was measured using the Cramer V test: weak (0–0.25), moderate (> 0.25–0.5), or strong (> 0.5–1).

  • Whether a student saw a patient more than once during his or her rotation.