Table 2.

Outcomes of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in 26 individual studies of 22 intermittent fasting trials enrolling obese adults without type 2 diabetes

Blood pressure324Examined in 16 studies, with no change in 9 studies10,13,27,29,35,37,42,43,47
226Examined in 16 studies, with a decrease in 7 studies11,15,21,24,25,49,50
Body weight764Decrease seen in 22 studies10,11,13,15,19,20,2225,2729,33,35,37,4143,49,47,50
BMI566Decrease seen in the 16 studies measuring BMI10,13,15,19,20,2325,28,29,35,37,42,43,47,50
  • Glucose level409Examined in 17 studies, with no change in 11 studies10,19,24,25,27,32,35,38,40,42,43
192Examined in 17 studies, with a decrease in 5 studies13,15,20,23,41
24Examined in 17 studies, with an increase in 1 study11
  • HbA1c level54Decrease seen in the 1 study measuring HbA1c level42
  • Insulin level407Decrease in 8 studies, decreasing trend in 3 of 11 studies measuring insulin level11,13,15,19,20,25,27,32,35,41,43
  • BMI—body mass index, HbA1c—hemoglobin A1c.