Table 1.

Summary of updates to Mainpro+ requirements

Cycle datesJan 1 to Dec 31Jul 1 to Jun 30Very clear
5-y cycle requirementsAll participants must complete and report a minimum of 250 CPD credits per 5-y cycleNo changeVery clear
Annual requirementsAll participants must earn and report a minimum of 25 credits/y during the 5-y cycleNo changeVery clear
Activity categoriesNot specifiedCategories are now used:
  • Group learning

  • Self learning

  • Assessment

Some confusion
Credit categoriesPrevious categories:
  • M1

  • MC

  • M2

Updated categories:
  • Certified, 1 credit/h (formerly M1)

  • Certified, 2 credits/h (formerly MC)

  • Non-certified (formerly M2)

  • Certified 3 credits/h (new)

Some confusion
  • CPD—continuing professional development.