Table 2.

Examples from each typology

  • “We are there to service a community; we should not be screening the practice to suit our needs” (P265)

  • “I don’t personally hold meet and greet interviews for a couple reasons. One, because I think it may lead to the impression that I’m actually interviewing the patients to see whether I will accept them or not, and that’s not the case. Once I’ve said I’ll take them regardless of what they tell me in that interview, they’re my patient as far as I’m concerned .… I think a lot of physicians have gotten into trouble practising meet and greets and I think a lot of patients have been left feeling unclear, unsure, and hurt by, kind of, outcomes from that. So, I don’t practise that” (P211)

  • “I think it’d be pretty hard to select who you might perceive might be the best patients for you anyway based on an interview, and probably wastes a lot of time” (P444)

  • “Well, maybe I prescreen them, I guess .… I mean I obviously don’t offer everybody I see in emerg[ency] who doesn’t have a doctor to be in my practice. There’s a whack of people who obviously need it .… If they have addiction issues, I honestly probably wouldn’t because they usually lose their doctors because the doctor doesn’t prescribe or something. So, I’ll let them continue to kind of visit emerg[ency] for their chronic pain or something for which their narcotics may or may not be suitable” (P229)

  • “I would just book a meet and greet appointment and go through, you know, the whole history, the past medical history, medications, allergies, family history, social history, and any issues for the current visit. So, pretty informal” (P304)

  • “If they meet me and they don’t like me, I mean that’s pretty easy, they shouldn’t be my patient .… And if they kind of start looking uncomfortable, I say, ‘Well, you know, the relationship is important. And if you don’t like me, that’s okay. You know, I will always take you on, but if you don’t like me, you have absolutely every right to leave. And please, don’t feel bad about it’” (P360)

  • “I do a meet and greet. But that’s basically to see if there are patients that I just can’t address their needs .… I don’t do psychotherapy … I don’t do a lot of chronic pain management” (P370)

  • “When asked to take on new patients, I don’t need anybody else who’s going to dominate a lot of time because my time is getting more and more limited” (P494)